Share your thoughts on the social and ethical impact of cognitive systems research

Fourth EUCogIII Members Conference, "Social and Ethical Aspects of Cognitive Systems"
Falmer/Brighton, 23-24 October 2013

Our conversation with you: the panel discusses your comments

Thank you for your questions and comments. Your contribution has helped driving the discussion of the Fourth EUCogIII Members Conference on the Social and Ethical Aspects of Cognitive Systems. Here you can find the video recording of the debate, divided by 4 topics: Industry, Heatlth & Care, Military, Employment and Legal Issues. For each segment some of your questions and comments are selected to focus the debate. All segments are included in the following playlist. Please use the #robotsandyou hashtag in Twitter to keep up with the discussion.

Do you have questions about the impact that smart robots may have on society in the near future (e.g, on employment, healthcare, the work force, privacy, etc.?) Are there concerns that you hope that the designers of intelligent systems will take into account? Do you have ethical questions about such technology? You can express yourself here, and comment on or vote up or down the comments of others.

Your chance to be heard

Researchers who design and build such systems will read your contributions and some will be selected for discussion by a panel of experts at our conference in Brighton on October 24th.

If your comment is selected, we will upload the discussion of it here after the meeting.

If you would like to submit your contribution as a video or audio file, please email it to: robotsandyouvideos@eucognition.org. For large files (over 5MB) please use services like: WeTransfer

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