PhD position Lateral line imaging and perception

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Monday, March 9, 2015 - 21:13

PhD position Lateral line imaging and perception

University Of Groningen
Department of Artificial Intelligence & University College Groningen

For the recently granted Horizon2020 project LAkHsMI, we are searching for a capable and creative PhD student to model lateral line perception for small to large scale hydrodynamic data analysis, imaging, and perception. The lateral line is an organ along the length of fish bodies that fish use to detect and ‘visualize’ hydrodynamic flow patterns for prey and predator detection and energy efficient swimming. Within LAkHsMI we will develop similar “Smart, general, and situation specific sensors (Andringa, 2010)”. The applicant PhD student will develop methods for hydrodynamic visualization and reasoning capacities so that conditioned hydrodynamic structures flow patterns learned in lab or pool can be used in multiple aquatic conditions. We expect that reservoir computing is a suitable tool for this.

The most important requirements for this position are (i) enthusiasm, (ii) commitment for science, (iii) intellectual and creative capacities, and (iv) team spirit. A background in machine learning or computer modeling of perception is useful, but a strong background in (bio)physics and programming can also be a suitable starting point.

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