Call for Presentations "Cognition in Robotics: pre-programmed vs. learning"

ERF 2105, Vienna, March 11-13

Our euCog workshop has been accepted at the European Robotics Forum
ERF 2015.
Workshop time: March 11, 16:16 - 18:15 (2 hours, so time to include
many of you).

The idea is to mix results with potential applications - mix industry
and research - mix requirements and the newest exploitable findings
from cognitive systems - counter pre-programming with learning.
Attached the workshop proposal.

We invite presentations along the lines of the workshop.
Those who gave me already their interest, please confirm.
Those who want to present, please let me know.

Format: Title (and voluntary Abstract to go on the web-page)
Deadline for Title (Abstract):          Feb 10, 2015
Deadline early registration ERF:        Feb 11, 2015
Best regards