KogWis 2014

12th Biannual Conference of the German Society for COGNITIVE SCIENCE



* KOGWIS 2014 *

* 12th Biannual Conference of the German Society for COGNITIVE SCIENCE *

* 29th of September - 2nd of October 2014 *

* Topical focus: How Language and Behavior Constitute Cognition

* Submission deadline: 7 May 2014 *


http://www.ccs.uni-tuebingen.de/kogwis14 *


KogWis 2014 invites submissions of extended abstracts on current work in cognitive science. Generally all topics related to cognitive science are welcome. Contributions that address the focus of this meeting, that is, language and behavior and the construction of cognition due to language and behavior are particularly encouraged. Submissions will be sorted by topic and paradigms and will be independently reviewed. Notifications of acceptance will depend on the novelty of the research, the significance of the results, and the presentation of the work. 


Submission and Proceedings:

KogWis calls for submissions in extended abstract format. Abstracts for oral presentations should not exceed 4 pages, abstracts for poster contributions should not exceed 2 pages, including pictures and references. All accepted contributions will be published in the form of a Supplement KogWis 2014 in the journal Cognitive Processing (Springer Verlag).



Confirmed plenary speakers: 

* Prof. Dr. Harold Bekkering

* Prof. Dr. Henrik Ehrsson

* Prof. Dr. Karl Friston

* Prof. Dr. Wayne Gray

* Prof. Dr. Gregor Schöner

* Prof. Dr. Natalie Sebanz


Confirmed symposia:

* Processing Language in Context: Insights from Empirical Approaches

Organizers: Christian Brauner , Bettina Rolke, & Gerhard Jäger (University of Tübingen)

* Manual action

Organizer: Dirk Koester (Bielefeld University)

* How language and number representation contribute to numerical cognition

Organizer: Hans-Christoph Nürk (University of Tübingen)

* Eye tracking, linking hypotheses and measures in language processing

Organizers: Pia Knoeferle and Michele Burigo (Bielefeld University)

* Cognition of human actions: From individual actions to interactions

Organizer: Stephan de la Rosa (MPI, Tübingen)

* Cortical Systems of Object Grasping and Manipulation

Organizer: Marc Himmelbach (University of Tübingen)

* Modelling of cognitive aspects of mobile interaction

Organizers: Nele Russwinkel, Sabine Prezenski, & Stefan Lindner (TU Berlin)

* Predictive processing: philosophical and neuroscientific perspectives

Organizer: Alex Morgan (University of Tübingen)

* PhD Symposium

Organizers: Dong-Seon Chang, Zhen Peng, Stefan Kopp, Marco Ragni, and Kai Vogeley (MPI Tübingen, Bielefeld University, University of Freiburg, & University Hospital Cologne)

* GK Symposium

Organizers: Stefan Kopp and Gerhard Strube (Bielefeld University and University of Freiburg)



* Introduction to Probabilistic Modeling and Rational Analysis

Organizer: Frank Jäkel (University of Osnabrück)

* Modeling Vision

Organizer: Heiko Neumann (University of Ulm)

* Visualization of Eye Tracking Data

Organizer: Michael Raschke (University of Stuttgart)

* Dynamic Field Theory: from Sensorimotor Behaviors to Grounded Spatial Language  

Organizer: Yulia Sandamirskaya  and Sebastian Schneegans  (Ruhr University Bochum)

****** PRIZES AND AWARDS******

* CCS - Best Student Paper Award, sponsored by the Cognitive Science Society (plus 1 year Membership)

* SMI - Best Poster Award, sponsored by SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI,www.smivision.com)

* Brain Products - Best Paper Award, sponsored by BRAIN PRODUCTS



The Organizing Committee:

General chair: Martin V. Butz

Local organizers: Anna Belardinelli, Elisabeth Hein and Jan Kneissler