Open Call - Journal Special Issue, Cognitive Systems Research

Journal Special Issue: From Human to Artificial Cognition (and back): New Perspectives on Cognitively Inspired AI Systems.

Journal Special Issue: From Human to Artificial Cognition (and back): New Perspectives on Cognitively Inspired AI Systems.

Guest Editors: Antonio Lieto and Daniele P. Radicioni


The cognitive approach to Artificial Intelligence emerged in the early days of the discipline: it borrowed its original inspiration from the methodological approach developed by scholars in Cybernetics. In this setting, the computational simulation of biological processes played a central epistemological role in the development and refinement of theories, and in the realization of intelligent machines. Likewise, thanks to a computational approach to Cognitive Science, intelligent systems have been proposed based on plausible models of human cognition and computational cognitive models and architectures, and aimed at a deeper understanding of human thinking.

In the last few years, these approaches gained new consideration in wide areas of research such as Knowledge Representation and Reasoning, Robotics, Machine Learning, Bio-Inspired Cognitive Computing, Computational Creativity and further research fields that are now targeting Human Level Intelligence (also called AGI, Artificial General Intelligence) in computational artifacts.

This special issue is intended to provide a fair overview of the research being carried out in the interdisciplinary area of cognitively inspired AI systems. Both papers presenting theoretical and applied research contribution in the field are welcome.

Topics of interest for the submissions include (but are not limited to):

    Knowledge Representation and Cognition (e.g. Neural Networks models, Ontologies and representation of common sense etc.);
    Cognitive Architectures (e.g. SOAR, ACT-R) and Cognitive modelling for Artificial Systems;
    B.I.C.A. (Biologically Inspired Cognitive Architectures) and systems;
    Cognitive Robotics;
    Evaluation of cognitively driven AI systems compared with other AI approaches;
    Cognition and Semantic Web;
    Methodological open questions on AI and Cognition;
    Automated reasoning: deductive, probabilistic, diagnostic, causal and analogical inference;
    Historical and theoretical relation among Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence;
    Knowledge discovery and acquisition;
    Modelling of human learning and knowledge acquisition in complex domains;
    Computational Linguistics, Natural Language Processing & Understanding;
    Logic and Reasoning;
    Evolutionary Computation;
    Cognitively inspired Machine Learning;
    Computational Theories of Learning;
    Decision Support Systems;
    Computational Creativity.


All papers must present original and unpublished work that is not currently under review in other journals or conferences. Papers will be evaluated according to their significance, originality, technical content and relevance to the themes of the Special Issue

All submissions must be written in English and must be formatted according to the information for the Cognitive Systems Research Authors:

Authors must select “SI: AIC 2014” when they reach the step of selecting article type name.

Submission deadline: March 31, 2015


Please address questions regarding the special issue to Antonio Lieto and Daniele Radicioni, {lieto,radicion}