Paul Bello at #robotsandyou

Moral Machines in the Military Sphere

Paul Bello, token respresentative of the US military, was Guest Panelist at the 4th EUCogIII Members Conference on the "Social and Ethical Aspects of Cognitive Systems".  After going through some of the key issues of the US military policy regarding autonomous systems and drones, Bello explained the research that they are doing in the program.

Watch the talk to see some of the videos he presented on search & rescue systems, robots tracking mental states and intention recognition models. Bello expalins the necessity for building a model of blame so that the systems can understand what others think of their choices. Moral issues are ubiquitous in military robots. here are Bello's slides.

Watch his talk, check the references and the related tweets that where posted during the conference, and keep the discussion at #robotsandyou.

Paul Bello (Office of Naval Research, US)

Moral Machines in the Military Sphere

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