Workshop on Semantic Computing for Computational Intelligence and Creativity (SCCIC 2014)

in conjunction with Eighth IEEE International Conference on Semantic Computing - June 16-18, 2014


In Kubrick's space odyssey HAL wants to have a better look to the bowman's sketches: can a machine appreciate a portrait? Can a Turing machine have an original thought ?
In the end: can a machine be intelligent and, what’s more, creative?
Computational creativity is a part of the artificial intelligence that studies how we can build a machine that creates artifacts and ideas. Creativity is something that is considered a prerogative of the humans, probably one of the most deeply connected with our humanity. Studying creativity is necessary because it is a basic part of our intelligence, moreover we think that building a creative computer is a exciting challenge and one of the final AI frontiers.
On the other side, semantic computing is fundamental for the building of creative solutions in different fields, ranging from Natural Language Processing, through Image Processing and Analysis, Music composition and so on.                 

Topics of interest 

We invite papers from many fields that can give a contribute to understand how an intelligent and creative process can be implemented on a machine. We expect paper on the semantic computing field but also works from artificial intelligence community or at the intersection with cognitive science. We welcome also application papers and implementations supporting creative processes in humans.
Below there is a list of topics, but due to the complexity of the topics involved this list can be considered just an incomplete example 
- Analogical Reasoning
- Artificial General Intelligence
- Automated Art Generation
- Automated Music Generation/Automated Composition
- Automated Poetry Generation
- Automated Story Generation
- Computational Creativity & Creativity-Support Tools
- Computational Models for Creativity
- Creativity in Problem Solving
- Evolutionary computation
- Hybrid intelligent systems, Adaptation and Learning Systems
- Semantic computing and Creativity
- Semantic computing and Knowledge mining
- Soft computing for computational intelligence and creativity
- Semantic computing frameworks for Computational Creativity

Important Dates
Submission deadline: March 31st, 2014