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The annual conference of the Cognition Institute, Plymouth University, March 20-22, 2013
Why do we seek out what is novel? Why do we create new works of art? What is the neural basis for creativity? How does society engage with new technologies? The Lure of the New brings together an...
Post date: Friday Mar 01, 2013
Workshop on "Models of Cognition in Biorobotics"
Explicit goal of this workshop is to explore the phenomenon of cognition in artificial and biological systems bringing scientists together from all related fields who will highlight  the different...
Post date: Wednesday Feb 27, 2013
International Conference "Aesthetics and the Embodied Mind"
The Conference provides a unique opportunity for researchers to take part in a lively exhange of ideas within an international and interdisciplinary community of experts in aesthetics and the...
Post date: Wednesday Feb 27, 2013
Workshop on Soft Robotics and Morphological Computation
The workshop brings together two recent and exciting trends in robotics, namely, Soft Robotics and Morphological Computation. Both are expected to play an important role to bring about substantially...
Post date: Wednesday Feb 27, 2013
BICA 2013: Annual International Conference on Biologically Inspired Cognitive Architectures
The challenge of creating a real-life computational equivalent of the human mind calls for our joint efforts to develop biologically-inspired intelligent agents and co-robots that can be accepted and...
Post date: Tuesday Feb 26, 2013
Through previous projects, the Transverse Activity on Intelligent Robotics of the University of Aveiro (ATRI/UA) has been working on the integration of reactivity, deliberation, learning and...
Post date: Monday Feb 25, 2013
CogSci 2013, 35th annual meeting of the Cognitive Science Society
CogSci 2013's theme is "Cooperative Minds: Social Interaction and Group Dynamics." This theme reflects a rapidly growing interest in the Cognitive Science community, namely a move from the study of...
Post date: Monday Feb 25, 2013
International Summer School on Social Human-Robot Interaction
The International Summer School on Human-Robot Interaction is a 5 day event for young researchers offering a range of talks, lectures, tutorials and ateliers on the scientific and technical aspects...
Post date: Monday Feb 25, 2013
Type of employment: Limit of tenure, Maximum 4 years  Extent: 100 %  Location: Department of Philosophy, Lund  First day of employment: 1 September 2013  Official Records Number: HTPA 2013/40
Post date: Friday Feb 22, 2013
International Summer School on Agent-based Computational Models of Creativity
The International Summer School on Agent-based Computational Models of Creativity is an intense one-week summer school that centers on agent-based models of creativity, focusing on the domains of...
Post date: Wednesday Feb 20, 2013